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Meet the Candidate

Jennifer Qualteri

Phone: (303) 888-7239

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  • CConstitution Party
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  • RRepublican

Jennifer Qualteri (R)

Candidate Info

Running for: CU Regent


Political Affiliation: Republican

Survey Responses

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Jennifer Qualteri (R)
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Survey Questions (Click to Expand)
  • 1. Providing in-state tuition rates to students who are undocumented immigrants.
  • 2. Allowing concealed carry weapons on college campuses.
  • 3. Allowing individuals to choose which bathroom, locker room or shower to use based on their perceived gender identity rather than on biological sex.
  • 4. Allowing student-led religious groups to require their leadership to subscribe to the moral or religious values of the group without jeopardizing their student fee funds and benefits.
  • 5. Retaining excess revenue to fund higher education.

Candidate Comments

  • Question 1: Immigrants who come here as children and are raised by our system deserve to continually educate.
  • Question 2: If necessary there could be a lock box system to check conceal carry weapons at metal detector entrances.
  • Question 3: I think public restrooms should upgraded to a water closet system with perhaps a community sink. Everyone should be safe from assault.
  • Question 4: Student-led religious groups should trust not mandate leadership to subscribe to their values. Funds and Benefits should always be safe.
  • Question 5: Not just the general fund however. Excess revenue should go into designated funds to ensure that they are accounted for and tracked.