Kevin Van Winkle

In 325 character or less, how does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

The Judeo-Christian worldview held by our nations founders is under fire in academia, the press, and where the policymaking rubber hits the road – in the Colorado State House. After serving for four years, I believe it’s vital (now more than ever) for church-goers to vote and elect those who share a biblical worldview.

In 325 character or less, what would you like the voters to know about you?

Bible believing Christian, Conservative, Husband & Father

Do you support or oppose churches and other qualified religious organizations continuing to receive tax-exempt status?
Do you support or oppose the religious beliefs of a person being permitted to influence the decisions they make while serving in public office?

The Bible does not lose relevance when crossing the steps of the capitol.

Do you support or oppose public funding, including Medicaid, for Planned Parenthood?