Dave Williams

In 325 character or less, how does your experience prepare you for the duties of this office?

As a current legislator running for re-election, I will continue to fight to protect Christians from the radical homosexual lobby’s agenda to silence people of faith, defend the right to life, advance our 2nd Amendment, and stop sanctuary cities.

In 325 character or less, what would you like the voters to know about you?

Unlike other politicians, I’m not running for re-election because I like government. Far from it.

Like you, I’ve grown frustrated with big-government liberals (in both parties) that say one thing to get elected, and then do the opposite when they get into power. You are the boss, and I serve your interests, no one else’s.

Do you support or oppose churches and other qualified religious organizations continuing to receive tax-exempt status?
Do you support or oppose the religious beliefs of a person being permitted to influence the decisions they make while serving in public office?

As long as those beliefs align with the Judeo-Christian worldview of our nation’s founding and constitution.

Do you support or oppose public funding, including Medicaid, for Planned Parenthood?

“A person’s a person no matter how small.”